Is Mindfulness the New Spin Class?


Busy professionals have made spin class their go to choice when it comes to maintaining a healthy work life balance. SoulCycle devotees incorporate the studio into their lives from daily workouts to birthday and bachelorette parties. According to Fast Company, the SoulCycle chain “attracts between 5,000 and 6,000 people a day to its 24 outlets, making it one of the hottest exercise startups in years”.  Atlhough competitors Flywheel, Peloton and Cycle Bar haven’t achieved cult status from spin addicts, they are >on their way.  But a new studio that makes meditation super accessible to all may offer spinning competition as the next health and wellness trend to attract the obsessed and committed.  M N D FL Studio, opening this week, offers meditation classes according to need (e.g. Intention, Sleep, Energy, Heart, to name a few) and drop in for anyone who craves dedicated downtime on their own schedule but don’t want to do it at home. The studio came out of co-founder’s Ellie Burrows need for “a modern, non-religious, drop-in studio where she could meditate.”  And now there is!  Do you think meditation studios will attract the same devotion as spin studios? Is mindfulness the new spin class?     



Photo by Jordan McQueen via Unsplash.