Help & FAQ

Opinions: You can see how opinion results can change depending on details like age or gender.

• You can see opinion details like age or gender by going to Expand on the opinion results page.
• You can see how your opinions compare against your friends by putting them in groups and then clicking Expand in the opinion results page to select the group name.

Share Topics or Opinions: You can share topics or opinion results two ways using email or your favorite social media platform.

• On the topic page, just click on the icons below the takeaways to share using email or your favorite social media platform.

Create Your Own Social Network: You can create your own social network on the site by connecting with your friends.

• You can keep in touch by sending messages on the site. Go to View My OPandGO/Messages. It will be waiting for them the next time they login.
• You can share topics or opinion results by click on the message icon on the topic page or opinion result page.
• And you can invite non-member friends to the site to check it out. Go to View My OPandGO/Friends/Invite friends.

Make Preferences: Make preferences to find content you like easily.

• When you make preferences your favorite content is listed first on the homepage. Go to My Sections/Edit My Sections to make a preference along with notification preferences.
• And you can automatically receive a text or email when a new topic is posted in one of your preferred sections by selecting your preferred notification preferences.

Suggestions: email us your suggestions of what you would like to see at [email protected]